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Many of our partners find themselves with a surplus of medication and a heart as big as our mission. By shifting a portion of commonly destroyed drugs, unused medication can be repurposed to save a life, benefit your organization, and bolster our community. 

How it works

Step 1: Register your organization as an ongoing donor.  

Step 2: Sort your eligible donations. See acceptable donations to the right.

Step 3: One of our staff members will get in touch with you to discuss details on shipping procedures that work best for your organization.

Step 4: Complete the donation checklist below and send it with as many donations, as often as you would like and we will direct them to patients in need.

We accept donations that are:
  • 6+ months from expiration
  • Sealed in tamper-evident packaging (bubble packs, bingo card and blister cards may be donated even if they only have a few pills left)
We do NOT accept donations that:
  • Require temperature control other than “room temperature storage”
  • Are controlled substances
  • Appear to have been adulterated, broken, or disintegrated
  • Any medication that does not have a visible imprint on the tablet/capsule, such as vitamins and minerals
  • Are listed as a REMS drug with an element to assure safe use (ETASU) OR an implementation system


Americans every year find themselves unable to afford the medication they need to avoid heart failure, behavioral disturbances, and other life-altering health conditions.


Are spent by organizations every year to dispose of quality medications left unused by those they serve.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Signing Up

No, the registration form only needs to be filled out initially or anytime there is a change in contact information (change in physical address, name of organization, provider in charge of donations)

Yes, our rules and regulations allow us to accept donations from anywhere in the United States.

One of our staff members will be in touch with you to discuss shipping procedures and sorting of eligible donations.

Yes, individuals may visit our Individual Donation page to fill out the documentation required to donate directly to us.

How it works

We believe in the safety of our patients. Because of this, we do not accept items that are expired, controlled, opened, refrigerated, or those that are subject to REMS criteria with an element to assure safe use OR an implementation system.

Yes, unused items such as diabetic supplies, nebulizers supplies, bandage materials and wound care are always greatly appreciated by the clinics we work with.

Once your organization is registered, one of our staff members will contact you to discuss shipping procedures. We collaborate with each organization individually to come up with a plan that works best for you.


Yes, forty-one US states and territories have passed legislation to allow for the collection and distribution of unused medicine. If you reside in a state where drug donation laws have not been adopted, you can still legally donate unused medicine and supplies to SafeNetRx. In addition, the World Health Organization has established international guidelines for donated medicine.

SafeNetRx will keep a copy of your registration on hand.  We do not require you to keep any documentation of donations, but we encourage you to take a look at your state's prescription drug return, reuse and recycling laws to ensure you are in compliance.

Our rules and regulations require us to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of any donation that has patient information.  We take this obligation very seriously and have strict protocols in place.  We prefer to remove the HIPAA information ourselves as this sometimes contains required information about the drug and expiration date.  When registering, each organization has the opportunity to sign a business agreement regarding donations with HIPAA information still attached. 

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