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Iowa Safety Net Pharmacy

The Iowa Safety Net Pharmacy puts free and low cost medications directly in the hands of patients in need. As a non-profit safety net pharmacy, we are bringing several national, regional, and state safety net programs under one roof to serve the unique pharmacy needs of Federally Qualified Health Centers, Free Clinics, and other safety net providers.

Often, a patient in need of assistance will qualify for multiple safety net medication programs – however each program has a limited prescription formulary and a unique set of qualifications. Managing all of these medication programs can be an administrative nightmare for a clinic or pharmacy. Let us do it for you. We will fill prescriptions from a portfolio of safety net programs to leverage limited resources in the most effective manner possible.

The prescriptions will be filled at our pharmacy in Des Moines and then shipped directly to your clinic or even your patient’s home. Please give us a call to see how we can fulfill your pharmacy needs.