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Drug Donations Create Cost Savings

An estimated $5 billion* in medications are wasted annually in the United States.

“Iowa, it turns out, is the envy of the nation for a unique lifesaving cost-saving and environmentally friendly approach to providing no-cost medicines to people in need. It’s based on reclaiming and redistributing unused prescription drugs through a drug donor repository.” (Rekha Basu, The Des Moines Register)

Every $1 used to administer the Iowa Drug Donation Repository generates over $7 in free medications and supplies.

A patient from a clinic in Iowa was given 24 Zyvox tablets to treat Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). The retail cost of the donated medication was $1,876.80. The patient had been hospitalized for three days and was receiving IV antibiotic treatment. Without the donated Zyvox, the patient would have remained in the hospital for an additional 10 days of IV antibiotic treatment — alternatively, the patient was able to return home and treat his infection without further hospitalization or IV therapy. Over $41,936 in savings was realized due to the Drug Donation Repository.

If you are interested in donating unexpired, unused, unopened drugs, call SafeNetRx at 1-866-282-5817 or visit


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